We support foreign residents in 6 different languages from searching a room to the daily life style.

To support the foreigners living in Japan’s rental housing, People Japan Co. Ltd. which is the group company of Real Estate company ICHII (Representative Director Mr. Masao Ogino) has recently opened the “PJ Foreigner Support Center” (Multi-language Call Center).

14702479_1252853861402202_415728756129436190_n.jpgIn our center, we have a foreigner staff who can speak in English, Chinese, Korean & Nepali language. We support a foreigner from finding a room to conclusion of the lease agreement, Japan’s living style etc. in multi-languages.

Why did you start a support center? Director Ogino explains his experience of London stay in this way.

“In London, I found an agent that will introduce you an apartment or part-time job in Japanese language, the store is full of Japanese people who isn’t confidence in English language. In international city, there are lots of such agents which supports you in each countries language. But in japan, move-in for foreigners are quite difficult. That’s why I thought about the multi-language support center to solve the problem of the foreigners.”

Our company ICHII has 37 years of experience in the foreigners leasing and also corresponds to the foreigner customers of others real estate company.

We support foreign residents in these cases 
〇 Struggling to find a room because of Japanese language problem
〇 At the time of lease contract, I can’t understand Japanese Language
〇 I don’t know the procedures of electricity, gas & water
〇 At the time of equipment broke down
〇 When the refund of deposit (at the time of move-out) isn’t satisfied
〇 And Others like, Q&A about residence or life styles, etc.

【Language】 English, Chinese, Korean, Nepali, Hindi, Japanese

【Time】 Monday-Friday / 9am-17pm

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Foreigners living Support Center:TEL03-5925-8851



お急ぎの方は希望エリア・予算・入居期間・ご要望を記入しメールでお問合せ下さい。折り返し営業がご連絡させて頂きます。物件情報は日々変動していることをご了承ください。English Available