東京家具付き賃貸 虎ノ門ゲストハウス外観.jpg
東京家具付き賃貸 虎ノ門ゲストハウス外観2.jpg



  Guest house Toranomon


  2-13-15 Nishi-shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 


4-min walk from Toranomon sta. on Ginza Line.
5-min walk from Uchisaiwai-chou sta. on Mita Subway Line.
10-min walk from Shinbashi sta. on JR Yamanote Line.
9-min walk from Kasumigaseki sta. on Chiyoda Subway Line.
12-min walk from Kamiya-chou sta. on Hibiya Subway Line. 

Room style

  Single room or Dormitory


  25.45㎡(Single room)

Rent table

  Single room ¥68,000~¥78,000 円


  The way of payment is bank transfer

Year built

 Nov, 2003 renewal 

Total numbers

 Each floor is independent with common furnishings. There are 2 female floors. 4 single rooms and 2 dormitories at the 2nd and 3rd floor. 2 single rooms and 2 dormitories at the 4th floor.  

Material, Size

  4 stories with one basement floor. Reinforced concrete.


  No smoking in the building.

Single room rent table

RENT:  A 68,000yen  B 78,000yen
UTILITIES: 9,000yen
Cleaning&linen fee: 10,000 yen( inc. tax / 8 Months)

Initial cost is deposit and one month rent.The agent commission is not necessary.
Cleaning and linen charge is adjusted from deposit when you leave.


● Dormitory room
Tidy and clean.The rent is 10,000yen per month including utilities(8,000yen).
Wireless Lan Internet access.
6~8 people sharing a room as well as kitchen, living room, shower & toilet.


It gives priority to the current state when floor plan,photos and moveis of equipment,furnishings are different from the current state.

東京家具付き賃貸 虎ノ門ゲストハウス.jpg
東京家具付き賃貸 虎ノ門ゲストハウス.jpg

●Furnishings equipment ( Common use )

Free internet for all area. PC for wireless LAN is necessary.
Shower room ( no charge )
Launderette ( charge )
Kitchen is on each floor. A counter table in a kitchen.
There is a floor only for female.

東京家具付き賃貸 虎ノ門ゲストハウス.jpg
東京家具付き賃貸 虎ノ門ゲストハウス.jpg
東京家具付き賃貸 虎ノ門ゲストハウス.jpg
東京家具付き賃貸 虎ノ門ゲストハウス.jpg






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