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What is the difference between General Rent and a well Furnished Apartment?

From the move and until after the move, let's answer some of the frequent questions which are being asked by people. 

■Before Moving (入居前)

Q. Before moving, can I see the property? 

A. Yes, you can see the property before moving. Since an appointment will be required, so please contact us in advance by telephone or by e-mail as you prefer.


Q. How do I check the vacancies of the apartments?

A. On the home page, please refer to the New listing. However, since the vacancyinformation changes every day, updates are sometimes not current for that day. Please contact and e-mail us for more information.



Q. Can I use the Internet? 

A. All furnished apartments are equipped with the Internet environment. You just have to bring your computer and LAN cable, then you can use Internet immediately.


Q. Is it OK for 2 people to live in the appartment? 

A. Yes, it is possible to have live 2 people living there. You will not have to pay any additional payments for this either. However, there will no additional provisions for any extrabeds or futons. There are properties also available for up to three people, but in the case of three tenants this will receive an additional fee.


Q. At the time of moving, what is the Insurance? 

A. When the tenants move into rental housing, just in case of fire or water leakage, it is common to join casualty insurance and mutual aid at the expense of tenants. This cost is about ¥ 20,000 for up to two years, you will need to subscribe again when you renew the contract.


Q. What is the tenant inspection?

A. Tenants examination is to determine the tenant's application form and documents (submitted to the original?).  The examination contents, if there is an annual income commensurate with the rent, it will also determine if there is any kind of false content.


Q. What is the best thing to do when applying for a moving application? 

A. Submit a "residence application form" to the sales office. It should contain your address, name, age, occupation, annual income.


Q. Do we have to pay rental fee for furniture and other electronic appliances?

A. You don't have to pay rental fee for furniture and other electronic appliances installed in 
a room.


Q. In the case of the furniture and consumer electronics were damaged or failure?

A. In the case of damage or failure, if you contact the sales office, we will carry out repair or replacement as soon as possible. In case of intentional damage or failure, it may take require some repair costs. 



Q. Payment of electricity, gas, water service and other utility costs are?

A. It has to be paied at the time of contract or procedure.


■About the Contract (契約について)


Q. Is it a require to have a guarantor?

A. It isn't a requirement to have guarantor but you must use a guarantor company. Assurance Company is the company which will pay the rent instead the lessee if they are unable to pay the rent in time. Every assurance company has its own warranty so be sure to check the information at the time of the agreement.


Q. What kind of documents are required at the time of the agreement? 

A. On the occasion of this agreement, the contract's income certificate, identification card(driver's license, or passport copy, etc.), resident card, guarantor seal certificate, guarantor underwriting written consent is required.


Q. What is the Important Matter Certificate? 

A. It describes the cost of property equipment or agreement contents. Before signing the lessee contract, the Real Estate Company will be obliged to deliver these important matters instructions to the residents. The important manual is not a contract, but they are very important documents.


Q. Is it possible to cancel the agreement in the middle of contract? 

A.  It is possible to cancel the agreement. However, in the same way as the case of the extension of the stay, you will need to provide one month notification for cancellation. From the day we receive the request to terminate,your rent will continue for 1 further month before it terminates. 


■At the time of Exist (退室時)

Q. When should I have to notify my exist from the room??

A. Basically, you will need to notify1 month is advance. In additional specific deadline notification is written in contract paper, so please confirm it.


Q. How much will it cost for me to move out? 

A. You have to pay Restoration expenses (i.e. cleaning and repair costs, etc.). If there are any repairs to the room required due to accidental damage by the tenants then the cost will be applied to the damage content. Please make consideration of this.



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