Real estate agent for foreign visitors


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Real estate agent for foreign visitors



ICHII is the leading real estate agency supporting foreigners from all over the world in finding their accommodation in Tokyo, Japan. 


We run over 600 apartments and guesthouses. You can choose one  from popular  locations  of  central Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shibuya, Azabu, Shinagawa and others.  


Our English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Mongolian speaking staff members we make it easy for you to find your ideal accommodation in Tokyo at an affordable price.


Ichii International Department 



We let fully furnished apartments to people such as office workers, foreign nationals and students who need to rent accommodation in Tokyo in the medium to long-term. 


All rooms on  "Tokyo Furnished Apartments" can accommodate up to 2 persons. No deposit is required for the key and no security deposit is required either. Just arrive with a suitcase and start your life in Tokyo.

Please contact us for more information.

Which type of rent a room best matches your needs in Japan?

Frequently Asked Questions

Amazing!! Renting information with a furniture in Tokyo

Company Outline


International Department staff



Through the Real Estate Brokerage, we would like to make the bridge between foreign

countries and Japan though we have a poor ability. We would also like to introduce the

room to the customer from the foreign countries while holding anxiety. Please feel free

to consult us.


takan 1.jpgInternational Department Manager


 name: Mr Takano 高野


yokouchi 1.jpg(日本語担当)  

 name: Mr Yokouchi 横内





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name: Mr Imai  今井





 name: Ms Makishima  巻嶋




スタッフ2 1.jpg (日本語・韓国語担当)

name: Ms Cheon チョン




スタッフ 1.jpg (日本語・韓国語担当)

name: Ms 棟方

Tokyo furnished apartments for rent


Thank you very much for visiting our homepage today. For all inquiries and comments please use the contact form below or send us an email. We may need to contact you by telephone. Please include a phone number if possible. Thank you.

A hurrying people, please send us mail filling your request area, the budget, a movement period and your request. The staff who can speak English (Chinese) will contact you back.

Please note that the property information will changed every day.






日本語⇒ 東京家具付き

韓国語⇒ 도쿄가구포함

台湾語⇒ 東京附家具房屋

ロシア語⇒ Меблированные квартиры



7languages speakers.

> Furnished Apt.
> 도쿄가구포함
> 東京附家具房屋
> Меблированные

外国人にとっても便利な英語対応、東京の賃貸住宅物件の検索アプリ「Live in Japan for iPhone」。地図を見ながらお部屋が探せる「マップ検索」や“ペット可”など希望の条件で絞り込みが出来る「こだわり検索」で物件が探せます。無料で配信中!App Storeからインストール。
部屋探しのサポーター。契約時の費用・契約期間の総額、マンスリー、家具付賃貸、普通賃貸の賃料比較などが簡単にできます。 不動産用語もタッチするけで説明文がでてきます。日本語、英語、中国語、台湾語、韓国語、フランス語に対応 無料配信中。